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From The High Seas To The Digital World: Reinventing My Career Online

As I open up this part of my journey, let’s imagine we’re having a chat over coffee. You, dear reader, are right here with me, and I’m sharing an important chapter of my life. 

So, there I was, facing internal battles and the uncertainty of my life onboard a cruise ship, my dream job put on indefinite hold. The talks of restarting the cruises came and went, leaving me at a crossroads. 

My family, with good intentions, encouraged me to find a local job, something stable and well-paying. But the thought of giving myself into a conventional job felt soul-crushing. I was already wrestling with internal struggles, and the idea of taking a job just for stability would deepen my inner conflict.

Discovering a New Path: The Journey Begins

And then, like a plot twist in a movie, Facebook throws me a curveball one day—an ad for a free “5Day VA training” [affiliate link]. I didn’t even know what a VA (Virtual Assistant) was, but I had all the time in the world to find out.

I took the leap, exploring this new challenge, and soon discovered that the skills I honed while onboard the cruise ship were incredibly transferable to the online world. I could become a freelancer, make my own income, and have control over my work. It felt like trying something new, and the possibilities were endless. I could have never imagined that after my time on the cruise ship, I would finally find something that relates to it and will accept it. 

This marked the beginning of my journey into online work. I stepped out of my comfort zone again, embraced something new, and took a chance. And you know what? It changed my life.

Diverse Ventures: Working with Varied Clients

Initially, I worked with clients from various niches—a casino in Las Vegas, a spiritual teacher/medium, a network of doctors, a wedding hairstylist in NYC, a marketing agency, and even a minimalist coach. The diversity was invigorating, learning about different industries and gaining insights into the vast online workspace.

Then came an unexpected opportunity from my hometown – a local business coach looking for a personal assistant. Initially, I hesitated due to the word “local” as I couldn’t fathom staying in my hometown any longer than necessary. (How many times do we limit ourselves based on perceptions or conditions we set?)

Life-Altering Conversations

One morning, a voice note changed everything. A conversation about the position opened up, and this conversation, my friend, changed my life.

There’s a saying I hold dear: “You never know what conversation can change the trajectory of your life.”

I declined despite being offered the chance to return to my dream itinerary—Alaska. Why? Because by this point, I was doing better financially, mentally, and emotionally working for myself. Closing the chapter of working onboard was a mix of pain, liberation, and a bit of fear. Yet, it marked the beginning of something new.

So, let me ask you, have you ever closed a chapter in your life only to discover something better waiting for you on the next page?

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