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About me

About Me:

Hi! I am Britt, and I love to explore!

I have always had the desire to travel and explore from a young age. Fresh out of highschool a couple of friends and I packed up for an adventure of a lifetime, backpacking in Australia. Initially, I thought about becoming a teacher for my career path, that is until I dove deep and discovered the reasoning behind that career choice was more fuelled by having time off to travel than actually teaching. However, I decided to pursue a path in tourism instead.

This lead me to a dream job, working onboard Cruise Ships. Sounds amazing, right?

I had worked in this industry which bridged work and travel (to a degree). The pandemic was the ultimate game changer for me. It was a lot up downs, what do I do with my life I felt like was the victim of it happening to me. It was only in hindsight that I could discover that it was actually happening for me (a big mindset shift) in best way, as it allowed me to pursue my dream of blending work and travel as digital nomad (I don’t really like this label). I knew years ago that I would end up living this lifestyle but never quite knew what that looked like or how it would unfold. I spent many vacations googling how to make this dream a reality. Finally, I found a 5 day free virtual assistant challenge (link affiliate) with Hannah Dixon which opened the doors to online work and gave me the flexibility and freedom I had been looking for. It was through this change, and among many other opportunities that has allowed me to thrive in this lifestyle.
Throughout this lifestyle I have has the ability to go inward and really reframe, shift and transform many beliefs I have that had been holding me back. It is my desire, that through my story, and my content that I can inspire you to make some shifts or changes to create more happiness and joy in your life!
With Love,

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